Diane Atwood

For many years I was the health reporter on WCSH6 in Maine and now I'm a regular guest on its Morning Report. Most of my time is spent writing a health and wellness blog called Catching Health with Diane Atwood.  I'm also pursuing a fine arts degree at the University of Southern Maine. You can learn along with me in my other blog  mylatestart

How to Manage a Needle Phobia

Becky is far from alone when it comes a childhood fear of needles that followed her right into adulthood. In a 2001 Gallup poll of how much people fear various things, nearly one-fifth (21%) said, "needles and shots." Snakes were number one on the list (50%). Needles and shots were sixth, just ahead of mice (20%) and just behind spiders and insects (26%). Being afraid of needles does not mean you are weak-minded or a wimp. It's an officially recognized phobia. People who are needle phobic may feel faint or light headed or even have a panic attack at just thought of a needle. ...more
I'll sit still as long as they need me to, if I can keep from seeing the needle. My most basic ...more

Anaphylaxis. Learn the facts about this life-threatening allergic reaction.

When Ricker Hamilton got stung by a wasp a few years ago, he immediately began showing signs of a severe allergic reaction. It was third time in 20 years that he'd been stung and thankfully, he carried an EpiPen just in case. It probably saved his life....more

A Taste of the Mediterranean: Herb Baked Fish and French Potato Salad

Several weeks ago, I decided to try cooking some Mediterranean style meals for me and my husband. I'm not sure how it happened, but over the years he became the family chef and I admit it, I took him and his cooking skills for granted! He was more than happy to get out of the kitchen and be on the receiving instead of the serving end for a change....more

Thirty-three years and two kidney transplants later ...

Ellen Munson got her first donated kidney in 1986. Her own kidneys had been destroyed, presumably by a serious infection called polynephritis, and she had been on dialysis for five years. Every day, Ellen was grateful to the family who had lost a beloved child and chose to donate her kidney to a stranger. She had hoped the transplant would last forever, but knew it would not....more

Why John Nappi Wants People to Just Say Yes!

John Nappi wants to shout, “Just Say Yes!” from the rooftops. He wants to see the words plastered on tee shirts and bumper sticker and posters. He wants people to ask, “Say yes to what?”...more

When should you be concerned about heartburn?

If you were to ask me if I ever have heartburn, a week ago I would have answered no. It turns out I was quite wrong....more