Cathy Morton

I am: Mother and Grandmother; Alcoholic/Addict in long term recovery; Writer; Blogger; Love reading and music; Hanging out with friends is the best; Changed my life direction and I am a freshman at College of Charleston pursing degree in English with Creative Writing Emphasis.


I was determined to take some time to catch up on reading for pleasure over the holidays.  I looked at the titles of books I want to read or reread trying to decide what to start today.   I was drawn to a book I “read” last year.  When I first downloaded the book to my Kindle, I didn’t take the time to really read and focus on the book.  I skimmed some and read some.  It wasn’t that the book wasn’t good; it was that the book hit too close to home.   I needed to really invest myself in reading this story.   I decided to start “Peace and Freed...more

Must Be Present to Win

What does Luke Bryan have to do with “Must Be Present To Win?”   Those who know me won’t be surprised when I explain.   This post is obviously about winning.   Jan and I were in the car the other day and I mentioned that I was really getting tired of the song, “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.”...more

No Safety Net; No Harness

What To Write ...more

Barefootin" ...more

Lessons In Less
I'm a not so married (actually, going through a divorce) mom to a 2 yo girl.  living on less is ...more

Losing It--An Update

Economics of a Dream

HoneySuckle, Sugar Cane, and High Tide

Summer was a great adventure growing up.  I grew up along the banks of  the Stono River in Charleston, SC.  I lived in a small neighborhood at the foot of the old Limehouse bridge.  It was a swing bridge that turned sideways to let boats go through.  There were about 20 houses in our neighborhood.  There was a dirt road leading off the main highway that formed a circle of about 1/2 mile....more
You are making me homesick -- I grew up in Charleston and will always consider it my home.more