Catrisha Tittle

My name is Catrisha. I am a 26 year old married mother mother of one handsone little man (or as I sometimes refer to as Monster). My husband was my high school sweetheart and we were married soon out of high school. We then intended on starting our own family, but God had other plans in store for us. My in-laws both passed away a little over a year apart from each other, and at the age of 19 is when actually became a mother to my sister-in-law. We acquired kinship care guardianship over her. We continued to try for our own baby, but ended up with an infertility diagnosis of hypothyroidism and polycystic ovary syndrome. Finally in 2007 we added the addition of out little boy after 5 endless years it seemed of fertility treatments and tests. Now we are walking down the same path to try to conceive #2. Besides all that I love to write. Probably why I have a blog and a journal. I love to do anything crafty that doesn't consume alot of time. I'm a thrifty coupon clipping shopping mom. I love to cook and bake and my family sometimes jokes that Martha Stewart doesn't have nothing on me. I'm hoping to go back to school next year, and I'm hoping for either my passion of interior decorating or my current interest in sonography/radiology. Oh and in case you're wondering my all time favorite color is pink, holiday is Christmas, and season is Fall. Love and Hugs to you all!!