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wife of 18 years. mother of five. crafter. seamstress. artist. :)

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it was big week

oh my goodness we are tired. but we are IN the new house!!! my sons helped craig move every single thing ....more


so… when you redecorate or remodel there about a hundred decisions to be made per room. and those decisions are fun at first and then sometimes you hit a wall of being overwhelmed and might say out loud accidentally “OH MY GOSH WHO CARES ANYMORE!!” and then you remember that you do love this and YOU care and that is the whole reason you remodeled in the first place. ...more

april craft weekend

this month Kimberlee and I had Amy & Jenny for our helpers. we laughed so much. these are awesome women… i am so thrilled to get to hang out with great ladies every month! ...more

my friday thoughts…

hey peoples. how are you? ...more

so mod.

i saw this picture on and i was sucked in. hot pink floors! ...more


hey… how about more random?! i tried this flat iron tutorial and it worked! suddenly my straight straight hair has some volume! ...more

random again.

have you seen this kid? oh that mama… she must be so tired every night. pretty funny little guy ....more


scott loves basketball. it’s his thing. ...more

where do i begin?

that was a very long blog break. i didn’t mean to take any break at all. but no matter what day there was just no more time to write ....more

world water day

i can’t believe World Water Day has come around already AGAIN. i realize in saying that how much i take for granted having clean water every where i go. and i haven’t thought about Diana and her dream nearly enough ....more