The Two Whos

Cece and Yun, The Two Whos, come from different backgrounds, are educated in different disciplines and systems,and  have lived  different lives.  From every angle on the surface, all you see are the differences.  We dress differently, we talk differently, we cook differently, we laugh differently.  But we are the same, even identical in our humanness or woman-ness.

We have the same concerns…. from the cat, to the world peace; from the wellbeing of children to woman’s challenges….We experienced life’s seemingly unbearable pains, many defeats and triumphs; we fall, we cry, we despair, we struggle, we stand up, we ask, we seek, we laugh…  We have fought many different battles in our separate lives, but we share the same pain and wisdom, the blissful growth and loving compassion.

Cece is  an artist, writer, poet, cyclist, yoga girl,who is really an introvert living an extroverted life as she works for a non-profit superrvising 40 staff and overseeing the care of 15 dually diagnosed people. Writing, helps her to connect with the quieter contemplative  side of her life!

Yun is a physicist,a mother of 2 young boys, a writer and poet and a conflict resolution coach and mediator.  She is also a cyclist.

East meets West with the Two Whos.  Cece is a NYer and Yun is from China.  This makes for a wonderful mixture of perspectives that  happen when they write back and forth on each blog post.  They negotiate and write on each post together and nip and tuck  the post.   It always comes out better than if just one Who  was doing all the writing!

Arthur Avenue Little Italy: A Foodie's Delight!

Cece is still recovering from all the specialty foods she ate and brought home to Long Island from Arthur Avenue, Little Italy in the Bronx!  What an adventure it was!...more

Contemplating Lance: How a Hero Falls.

Over the years, many have weighed in with Cece and told her that "for sure Lance is doping.Everyone in cycling is doing it."  She has heard this a lot. But, it seems Cece chose not to believe it.....perhaps she wanted to keep her fairy tale hero all in one piece. ...more

The Pain of Suffering from a Loss!

How do you recover yourself after you loose at something you have trained for over many months and perhaps years?     Cece does not usually watch the NBA  finals....more

Things I Learned in the Last Week and A Half!

This is a guest blog by Cece’s sister.  She is just back from taking her daughter to South Dakota to see her new apartment and to settle into a new town for graduate school.  One early morning, she posted the following on her Facebook page: ...more

From Weakness Comes Strength

What do gardening and learning life's lessons have in common?  Yun tackles her green thumb by planting bulbs and learns a great deal about life’s lessens. ...more

The Rhythm and Flow of Life

It is spring time and Yun is trying her green thumb again.  Is there such a thing as a green thumb?  Yun would never know, but she sure is envious of people’s lush green gardens.  So, she is nurturing and cultivating her green thumb year after year.The yard is still not lush, but she is learning a great deal of life’s lessens....more

The Sister Purses

Do you ever wonder what women keep in their purses?  Cece certainly got an education when she began to ask women “What is in  your purse?”  Even some men aswered this question!...more

Chores By the Number: A Mathmetical Solution Gets Kids to Do Their Chores!

How do you get your children to do the household chores?  Recently, Yun  discoversed that a bit of math will work.  ...more

Lucy's Conveyor Belt: A Money Saving Game!

Cece is discovering that this I Love Lucy clip is a metaphor for life. She is calling it Lucy’s Conveyor Belt. When you watch the clip, you will see that there are Lucy and Ethel at work wrapping the chocolates. When the boss comes by and notices that they are having success at the speed the belt is set at, she comes by and turns the speed up so that it goes much faster and they have more work to do....more

The Language of Kindness is Universal!

Yun has heard a rumor  about how arrogant French people are unless you speak French yourself.   Yun does not care for such stereotypical statements.  She likes to rely on her own experiences....which happened to be quite the opposite! ...more