Cecily Kellogg

Cecily is best known for her popular blog Uppercase Woman, her raw tone and humor on Twitter as @CecilyK, and her posts about social media and moms on MomCrunch for Babble. As of July 2012, she's also writing the Uppercase Lowdown at Babble. Cecily lives in the Philadelphia area, is happily married, is mom to a fierce and amazing daughter, and has occasionally been called a bad ass. Cecily also currently works with AboutOne doing Social Media Strategy. Cecily was named by Babble as one of the Top 100 Mom Bloggers in 2011(and Top 50 Twitter Moms in 2010).

My Blog Got My Daughter Kicked Out of Preschool

On Friday, my daughter was expelled from her preschool. Why? Because I had a disagreement with the director -- and then I blogged about it. Here is the timeline of events. ...more
Oh I feel for you.  I'm a preschool teacher myself* and while I do believe that teachers, ...more

Fat Fashion Rant: Bad Choices for Big Women

Two summers ago, it was a pretty good year in fat fashion. I was able to find several lovely shirts that I adored; t-shirts with pleated, flattering necklines made out of a fabric that was a bit thinner and with a bit more drape than your standard t-shirt. They were ideal; with jeans, I looked nice but not too dressy, and with a skirt, I achieved my preferred look, which is casually dressy. I bought several of them -- including multiples in the best style because I know how it works: one year, the shirts are great, and the next year, you can't find shit to wear....more

Having a true hour glass figure, whenever I find a top that fits the boobs, the waist line is ...more