Trish M

A 30-something Canadian and recent graduate of Dalhousie School of Social Work's post-degree bachelor of Social Work, I am now working in social work for our professional association. My two beautiful daughters, my spouse and I live in beautiful Dartmouth, Halifax region, Nova Scotia.

A perfect storm?

Sometimes it takes a perfect storm, a molten lava volcanic eruption, an implosion of unrelated-yet-ever-so-connected details, to make us appreciate how good we have it....more

The Long & Winding Road of reshaping a family

After writing a little about my somewhat-short-and-not-so-distant past as a single mom, I wanted to write about the process of blending families.  Our family is likely the least complicated of blending since there are no other children involved.  However, it’s been a long and challenging (yet rewarding) process from single mom and “friend”, to combining our two households and all of the adjustments that come along with that, to the point we’re at now where it feels more normal and right to live this life than looking back on our previous ones....more

Eye on the Prize - Rasing Children as a Single Mom

When I first became a single mom, I turned to running to maintain my sanity.Single parenting has been a lot like endurance sport training. I must pace myself, sustain myself, take cut-back weeks and most of all, keep my eye on the prize. How do I pace myself at this? Sick kids, challenging behaviours, overwhelming sense of responsibility. Something I continue to learn about: not taking on too much, not in the things I choose to do, nor the emotional sense. Just as training plans sometimes call for something beyond my current limits, so too does life....more

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I'm fortunate to now have a very supportive partner in my life. ...more