Blue Skies Smilin' at Me

File Photo: ...more

This Ad...I Just...

I rarely look at the grocery ads in the Sunday paper. ...more

57 Used to Look So Old

It's probably not a good idea to visit a college campus the weekend before a birthday when you're my age. ...more

Car Talk: A+ for Cindee

I pick up Meems and Leonard for church on Sundays. ...more

Mimi Van Winkle

(from "I love to sleep." ...more

Diary of a Wimpy Woman

January 21, 2014Dear Diary, I can't believe that I sat through a whole movie clenching the arms of my seat pulling myself forward to allow Mr. Wiggles more leg room. ...more

The Wedding Cake that Gave Me a Twitch

Yesterday I ran to Hobby Lobby at 3PM. ...more

A Yuletide Nemesis: The Christmas Card

As I sit here in my cyber-confessional, guilt trickles from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes. ...more

A Special Surprise

The title of this post pays homage to the third grade Dick and Jane readers of yesteryear and my beloved teacher, Lois Deloney. ...more

Hooray! It's Leopard Panties Day!

I may well be the world's most simple simpleton. ...more