Angela Daenzer

Mom, biologist,recovered from Bell's Palsy, living with CFIDS (Chronic Fatique Immune Dysfunction Syndrome), ADHD, and sleep apnea...check out our local efforts to save our Girl Scouts Camp at (we need likes/follows on facebook (Save Camp Westana) and twitter (@SaveCampWestana));

Why people don't blog about discrimination

I posted the following in one of my (neglected) blogs today:Why people don't blog about discrimination   ...more

Figure Eights (30 posts in 30 Days)

Hello BlogHer ~ Blogging, coping, and social media

Before blogging, I didn't think sites like twitter were for me.  I wasn't sure that blogging was for me.  But I found community after community full of health writers, moms, Chronic fatigue patients, moms with Chronic fatigue, photographers, endless other specific niche communities, and hoards of people sharing hope. I started at a time when my mind was somehow starting to thin out and clear away some of my CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) brain fog....more

Blogshare ~ CFS blog worth reading, great post on feeling 'apart'

CFS blog to check out....relevant post for chronic illness patients: Learning to Live With CFS: Living in a World Apart http:/...more