Chanel Dubofsky

I'm a writer living in New York City. My work has been published in Quick Fiction, Glossolalia, Staccato, Zeek, Jewcy, DOGZPLOT, the Sisterhood (at the Forward), Jewschool, and Haaretz. I've been known to enjoy folk music, large dogs, coffee,Western Massachusetts, reading on the bus, photography, libraries, traveling, and beets. I blog about .feminism and sundries at Diverge (

My Life in Lipstick

In the mirror above the dresser, I saw myself opening her drawers and touching her clothing, like a thief or a tabloid reporter. On her dresser, there were perfume bottles, doilies, photographs, piles of paper, ephemera, and a small, round mirror on top of which were arranged a few long, golden tubes filled with waxy lipstick. ...more

You reminded me of when my Mom died five years ago. Despite everything else going on, it seemed ...more