Charlsye Smith Diaz

I teach students to help people communicate what they know how to do, especially inventors, small business owners, non-profits.

This spring, students and I are working with two non-profit startups. This summer, we're going to teach people how to write their family's history and gear up for a fall small business communication workshop series.

Inside the classroom and outside it, our goal is to foster innovation through clear communication.

You have ideas. ~ We help you explain them.

Lawyers are Scary (Not Really): Why We Don't Like to Hire Them

Books like these take all the fun out of feeling good about simply recycling. Creative-commons licensed photoby user umjanedoan. I used to work for lawyers ....more

Quick Tip! Get Free Paper from Staples (pay the tax!)

Staples is my favorite office supply store, especially since it started carrying products from Poppin, Poppin has my new favorite pens. Unfortunately, I use a lot of paper. I also work with students and start-ups who need to budget their money carefully, so I am sharing my tip for getting free paper from Staples.Right now,...more

Career Building: 3 Career Things To Do This Week

Career Fair Launch, a photo by Anita Borg Institute on Flickr. ONEPrep For a Career Fair...more

Career Fair Launch

Career Fair Launch, a photo by Anita Borg Institute on Flickr ....more

How to Organize a Career Management Notebook

This post is specifically for readers on and for my students at the University of Maine, but anyone working on their careers—either job searching or making changes mid-career—might find this information helpful.Graduation is quickly approaching, and I know graduating students want to find meaningful work. Some people reading this may be much farther along in their careers and are thinking about making some changes. One way to organize your job search whether you're doing this for the first time or making a mid-career adjustment is by using a Career Management Notebook.I kept one of these binders throughout my paralegal career ....more

Career Building: 3 Things to Do This Week

When possible, I'm posting things you can do to start your career or make mid-career decisions. Check back each week for something new to try. This pendant is by rubiesandwhimsy on Etsy ONE...more

Introducing...3 Things to Do This Week andCharlsye's Career Advice Corner

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Great Customer Service Gives the Illusion of Friendship Delta Airlines is my Best Friend Airline

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I'm offline for a little while

This is Odelia, named after the main character in the...more

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