Charmian Christie

I'm a food writer, recipe developer and author of the cookbook The Messy Baker: More than 75 Delicious Recipes from a Real Kitchen (HarperCollins / Rodale 2014.) 

I specialize in delicious, doable, from-scratch recipes featuring fresh ingredients, lots of herb and spices, and a bit of imagination. I believe cooking and baking shouldn't be a chore, hence my tagline: Putting the fun back in delicious.

My Blogs

Moroccan Beef & Mushroom Tagine

I’m not one for culinary deception. I have never understood why anyone would...more

Dried Cherry & Chocolate Chip Cookies

Slice-and-bake shortbreads can be perfectly uniform and not put me off. I’ve no issue when...more

The Messy Garden – A Photo Essay

The lavender is blooming, the mint is growing like Audrey the Venus flytrap and summer is racing down the street...more

Dominion Day and the OGB Challenge

It’s July 1st, which means two things. One: It’s Dominion Day. My husband and I will...more

Rhubarb-Raspberry Ice Cream

Remember the colour wheel from Grade 6 art class where you learned that blue and orange were complementary colours and if you mixed them together you got icky khaki brown? Eventually, you or the evil genius in the next row figured out all the complementary colour sets (purple &...more

Rhubarb-Raspberry Loaf and Muffins

Everything’s behind schedule. The spring bulbs, the roses, the fruit. And me ....more

Chocolate Mint Ice Cream — A Photo Essay

Ask and you shall receive. A couple of weeks ago, I posted to Instagram a shot of my recently purchased,...more

Smoked Sugar Ice Cream with Roasted Strawberries

Day 5. Recipe 5. I’m out of barbecue tools and the propane’s running low ....more

Spicy Grilled Broccolini

Developing recipes for unfamiliar culinary tools is a bit like having coffee with someone you met through an online dating site. You’ve memorized...more

Italian Turkey Meatballs

Language is funny. It has a way of sliding sideways when you’re not looking, slipping under things or going into hiding. A few years ago, I developed a homemade, bite-sized meatball ...more