I'm here to meet other awesome women. I like pragmatic solutions, elegant design, and great ideas. I value authenticity, creativity, and honoring the process. When I find myself alone on a Friday night I read personal-growth books and make art.

I can help with: technical and design issues relating to e-commerce and usability, choosing supportive beliefs about money, boundaries and self-awareness in business, and learning to deeply accept yourself.

Right now I'm learning about: boundaries in relationships, how to be of service, how to trust and accept support, and how to accept myself even more.

Work: I own two companies: Red Acorn Design (clean and simple e-commerce web design) and Acorn Host (green powered, women-owned, progressive web hosting company).

Blogs: Joy Ninja (radical happiness for everyone), Tao of Prosperity (business + woo-woo/personal growth + play/creativity), and cheekyboots (personal blog)

Misc: Other projects can be found at

Chicken Salad Master Recipe

Chicken salad is a great go-to meal: it combines protein, veggies, fruit, and fat. You can vary it in a thousand ways, it’s great for using up leftovers, and it tastes yummy the next day too....more