Cheryl Ragsdale

Blogging is an excellent platform for sharing my thoughts and observances on life with people who are willing to listen to me. I'm a creative writer combining her interests in Martial Arts and having fun to present lessons in living a healthy, juicy life! 


My adventures and my "stay young from the inside out" wisdom are shared on my blog called ThatGirlisFunny


  • My passion for Mixed Martial Arts (cage fighting) is shared on SportsChatPlace where I serve as the Editor for the MMA  page. I also train in mixed martial arts. That means I study Muay Thai kick-boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, boxing and wrestling. All combining to keep me very busy and physically fit.  I am the UFC's number one female fight fan!


On BlogCatalog - every week on Wednesdays - I share blogging tips from expert bloggers or other items of interest to the blogging community.


Come and find me! We can get comfy, have a cuppa tea and a nice chat.