Cheryl Holland

Cheryl Holland empowers women to get out of their own way so they can create the life and business success they desire. She is the founder and CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) at A'Sista Project - a movement for women who want more...status NOT quo!

Stop Inviting My Kid to Church: Religion Is Not for Children

Recently, a few of Miss N's friends have been sincerely inviting her to church. This part will be touchy for people who do not believe the same as we do and I respect that; I'll raise my kids and you can raise yours. I do not think religion is for children. I think that they should be exposed to the beliefs of all people, and while I will tell my children "this is what Mommy and Daddy believe," I do not expect her to believe the same thing. I'll ask Miss N what she thinks -- and she has some really amazing thoughts on the matter -- but I will not tell her she is wrong if she disagrees with me about the big beliefs....more
While I do believe that people have the right to believe in or not believe in whatever they ...more