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Pregnancy: The Only Time a Woman Is Allowed to Be Lazy?

I recently noticed that pregnancy is an excuse for everything. As a pregnant woman, I can get away with nearly anything because who would yell at a woman toting a beach ball under her shirt? Heartless bastards, that's who. For a while, I went from being way too stubborn about getting help to automatically assuming it will be granted without me asking. This happened after thirty-five weeks of doing my own work without getting help from anyone near me. I was determined to not let pregnancy claim my work ethic and become an excuse for everything. Sadly, when I finally gave in, I gave in hard....more
@BrittneyYon The first trimester was really hard for me, truthfully. My energy levels were at ...more

"Have You Found a Nanny Yet?"

Have you found a nanny yet? This is the most popular question I'm asked by any and everyone. Not, "Boy or girl?" or, God help me, "Are you getting an epidural?" No, people want to know what I'm going to do when I go back to work. They not only assume I am heading back to the mines after twelve weeks, but that I won't even complete the full mandatory leave given. When I'm not feeling bitchy, I just say, "I'm not getting a nanny" and walk away. When I'm feeling particularly nasty, I say something along the lines of, "What makes you think I'm spending half my income to have my kid raised by someone else?"...more
@bellejarblog There is definitely a war between the two types of moms, and I think it has a lot ...more