Andi Thea


My name is Andi Thea. I am the Chief Scribbler at Scribble Town. We just launched our new blog,! Scribble Blog is about arts & crafts and about inspiring creativity for parents, teachers & kids! We daily post free craft ideas/activity sheets and even have guest bloggers who post about art, nurturing creativity and what inspires them. Most recently, we announced Scribble Jam! Scribble Jam is for everyone and anyone can participate! Just take out your crayons, markers and a piece of paper and get scribbley! Its all about tapping into your inner scribbler-anyone can do that- and expressing yourself in new ways!

Kelly Cheatle + Larry Moss = Airigami!

This month I'd like to introduce you to Kelly Cheatle and Larry Moss.  And together they are the extraordinary Airigami- the fine art of folding air!...more