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I have one husband and three children and each provides me with loads of material, whether they know it or not.  I write about them at on my teeny tiny slice of the internet. Come on over and read a spell!

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The Mac, Karate Kid, Transformers and Sean

At 5:45 this morning, I drove Sean to work so I could borrow his car. Michael’s car is in the shop so he took Amy’s and Amy needs my car today, so I borrowed Sean’s. Anyway, 5:45 is stinkin’ early ....more

Getting to the new normal

A good friend is dropping off her oldest child at college today. I saw Kim at church yesterday but I didn’t get a chance to talk to her. I was able to wave from a distance, and my heart just sank when she waved back as I remembered all the mixed emotions I felt the day before we dropped off Michael for the first time ....more

Happy 4th!

Enjoy the 4th with a little help from the Muppets:...more

He is amazing - and he might believe it now!

How long have I told Sean he’s a piano pro? How long?! Forever and ever and ever ....more

The popcorn was good

We saw the new Transformers movie on Saturday. Portions of it were filmed in Sean’s plant and he was excited to see how they made parts of his workplace look like a top-secret Chinese factory. Those few minutes of the movie came two hours in ....more

Leftys, readers and laundry

Some ancient Jerry Seinfeld jokes for my lefty, Rebecca: This is what I'm afraid of:(HT: Memestache) ...more

Random thought, Harry Potter edition

I cannot stand the Dursley’s. Can’t remember the last time I disliked fictional characters so much. But it seems Petunia is hiding something and I'm dying to find out what it is!Of course, now that I’m in book 5, The Order of the Phoenix, my disdain for Professor Umbridge is reaching Dursley-dislike levels ....more

Rita Skeeters among us

Dear Ms. Erin Gloria Ryan, Have you read the Harry Potter books? I’m reading them for the first time – holy cow they are GOOD! ...more

Grits, Grammar and Potter

Oh, Jim. If only you could try my sausage/egg/chesse/grits casserole. To ....more

If you don't have anything nice to say...

Ah, June. The month of bridal showers and weddings. The month of love...As I was thinking about an upcoming shower, I remembered this post from last summer and thought it might be helpful to re-post ....more