Cynthia De Gutierrez

I'm a much-traveled individual and it is in this spirit of adventure that I joined the blogher network. I love life and consider myself a true child of the universe. I believe in my intrinsic one-ness with the universe and try my very best to live a "green" life to try to preserve this world I know for the future generations to come. I know that everything happens for a reason and that everything that is happening is GOOD!


Break the Blogging Rules

It showed up as a meme on various blogs: writing advice by Elmore Leonard. Writing advice tends to pop up on blogs, the artistic medium of choice for those who like to play with words. I am drawn to these lists like spiders seeking warm rooms in winter.  Who knows when someone will discover the magic key that unlocks novels, or figure out a way to make a positive post (that does not contain baby animals) go viral every single time?  But so far, I've left every single list of Blogging Dos and Don't or Ten Best Writing Tips with the same thought: Break the rules. ...more
Hi Melissa, your blog came like manna from heaven.. I started to blog in 2008, merely for the ...more

Bob Dylan: Soundtrack of My Lifetime

Some of my earliest childhood memories were set to the soundtrack of the crack and pop of vinyl on the record player in my parent's living room. There were tapes too, but our household was one of records. Played loudly through the speakers that seemed so huge, they might as well have been suspended from the ceiling of Madison Square Garden. Dancing, singing, spinning in circles in the living room to the music that was so infused in my blood from such a young age that it seemed like part of me. Part of my family....more
Amen to everything you wrote. I specially enjoyed your vivid description of how music lovers ...more

I'm A Thrift Store and I'm Open For Business!

For the past few days, I've been a serious sea of boxes that literally reach higher than my head while trying to figure what needs to go where and which needs to go to the dump finally.  I cannot believe the amount of completely useless junk  stuff we carry around as a family....more

I can definitely relate to your experience. I refrain from inviting friends to the house. The ...more

My Path

Okay so I figured I would tell you the back story of why I decided to write this blog. I am a single mother of a beautiful, smart, and loving 7 year old DD. (We'll call her Jamie). Her Father and I broke up when she was 1, we were never married. (We'll call him Tyler) Him and SM(Who we will call,Rachel) started cheating on me when I was pregnant with Jamie. Rachel at the time was married to my brother. Yes I have a Soap Opera life, hence the one tree hill names I think I will call myself Haylie. So from what I have wriiten so far you can already tell we are not big fans of each other....more

I have to admire not only your honesty in admitting the "wrong" things you think you've done, ...more

Ethical Dilemmas: Your Neighbor's Kid Confides in You

Last week we talked about a friend having an affair. This week, wise women, is yet another ethical dilemma for you to resolve. Once again, there are no "right" answers. Today's world presents us with an increasing amount of decisions that have to be made at a younger and younger age. And that is where today's story begins. Ethical Dilemma ...more

A similar thing happened to me. I have a foster home for teenagers and teenagers with babies. I ...more