Activity Page for ElaineR.N.

Activity Books were popular when I was a kid and I loved them. Big, thick, coloring book type, newsprint paged, goldmines of things to see and do.There were puzzles, cut outs, paper dolls, rhymes, rebus brain teasers and lots more. It was enough to keep me occupied for days as I worked my way around the pages that captivated me with scissors and paste. Especially when I was sick. I would stay happily in bed with my crayons, pencils and my play books.  I was warm and snug while creating great things and merry wonderment....more
Arrrrrggggghhhh!!!  The maze drove me crazy!!!!more

Singing Social Activists

You have to understand. I grew up in the 1950s and 60s. Activism was a part of my childhood, like Dora the Explorer instructs children today. ...more
Wow!  You just woke up my memory...I can remember our little 5th and 6th grade concerts in the ...more

A Wanna-Be Farmer but Never a Butcher

We’d raised our beloved chickens from the time they were bright yellow little fuzzy-balls, and we kept them well fed and wholly healthy. And when the time was right we even enjoyed gathering and eating their freshly laid eggs. Rich delectableness! We also planned to enjoy cooking a variety of chicken recipes: fried chicken, chicken and dumplings, chicken on the rotisserie, flesh smothered in butter and sage. Why, the recipes we came up with were mouthwatering and endless. Alas, we quickly found out that we just couldn’t eat our beloved chickens to save our lives!...more
Yeah Virginia, once you give them a name, it's over...I couldn't do it...I'd baby them and give ...more

Macho Nachos

Barbarian hordes visiting? Huns coming over for board games? Or, are you just spending a quiet afternoon at home with the fam? This recipe will keep you ahead of the pack. Maybe. ...more
Robin,   YOu had me at nachos!   Cindymore

Andropause: Men May Go Through Menopause, Too

A couple of years ago my husband and I had begun to notice many changes taking place in our intimate relationship, changes that were building a wall between us. We’d been together too long, and love each other too much, to just give up on us. So we decided that he, too, should see a doctor. The results were: He was a-okay physically and mentally but was simply going through normal changes in a man’s life. ...more
AWESOME!   Something I've suspected but never heard anything about.  Thank you so much for ...more

Poor Man’s Black & White Truffle Wellington Burger

This “poor man’s Wellington,” a burger recipe, sheer delicacy, couldn’t be further from the truth, for there is nothing “poor” about making this dish! This Wellington burger is made with home-ground boneless beef rib meat (one of the tastiest cuts around), and ground a second time with white truffle butter and black truffle mousse-pâté. Lastly, it is shaped, fried and wrapped in delicious, flaky puff pastry. The burger is unbelievably tender and so, so flavorful. It is absolute yumminess!...more
This was such an awesome post Virginia!   Wow!  You know, you make it look so easy!   :  )more

Happy Birthday, Christi!

Every once in a lifetime, I meet someone so profoundly amazing, to be with them is to stand in the presence of brilliance. My mind can hardly focus on witty repartee as it tries to keep up and assimilate the input from a dazzling source of soul light....more
Very cool!  I can't wait to check her facebook page.more

Listen Up! Shout Out!

How easily most of us read these words and are able to immediately relate. Listen to what? Shout out what? What should we communicate and when should we do it?...more
I think I'm gonna go out and rent the King's Speech today.  Another great post Robin...I never ...more

D.C.'s Chinese New Year

In my next life, I will love crowds. I will spend each New Year's Eve in New York City at Times Square and each Chinese New Year in Washington, D.C.'s Chinatown....more
I really enjoyed this post Robin.  I never knew that about Chinatown or about Washington D.C. ...more

Flying While Something Other Than Whatever Bigots Think is Acceptable

Recently I got into a Twitter conversation with a friend who lives on the West Coast of the United States and is planning a cross-country road trip with her boyfriend.From couches they could crash along the way, the talk soon turned to race and safety.My friend is Black. And while most major U.S. cities have their minority-friendly zones, the vast spaces between those major cities can sometimes be questionably comfortable for non-white people....more
I am so sorry that this happened to your daughter.  Please remind your daughter that there are ...more