Saying Goodbye to My plants...

For most of this fall, I've been bringing my pots from outside into the house to protect them from the cooler autumn nights, but my husband finally put his foot down today saying the entire house was starting to smell like moldy dying plants, which is something coming from a funeral director...I would have thought his nose would be immune to that by now...but noooo....which is why, on this sunny 50 degree day I'm gathering up my potted outdoor plants and saying goodbye....more
This was a weird season in Wisconsin...for the last three years we had a growing season almost ...more

NaBloPoMo...My Grandmother's Dash

     November, 2006.  That was just yesterday to me.  Tomorrow I'm drivi...more

Always Broke On Halloween

 What are the odds that I'm always broke around Halloween? Seriously, I'm always broke before Halloween, and with giant bags of candy running about 10 bucks a pack, I hope the trick or treaters don't mind the I.O.U's I'm going to be stuffing in their bags...(or little baggies of the left-over chuck roast I made last night)...Seriously, I make great crockpot chuck roast!!! At least their mom's would have something to eat while the little demons make their rounds....more
@elaineR.N. People in my neighborhood aren't TP'ing my house probably for the same reason they ...more

Radio DJ endures 5 stages of Job Loss...

  One month ago I was a classic country radio DJ... It was an awesome life, I played music, told you if it was going to be hot out or cold...(here in Milwaukee, it could be cold in the morning, and hot in the afternoon, with snow at 6pm....more
@djhuber I just listened and that's stations crazy. What is that music? Torture maybe?more

Dancing all the way to Unemployment...

    Thirty years ago I won a disco dance contest, which totally screwed up my life, because I mist...more
ROBIN, Just read your post on how you saved enough money to go to Blogher and it makes me want ...more

Love, Loss, One Turtle, and Pajama Jeans

 I can tell you exactly what the weather was like two years was a perfect 70 degree fall day...couldn't have been any prettier with the leaves changing and a warm breeze... My friend died two years ago today of complications from leukemia...and she'd kick my butt if I sat here and wrote a sad tribute to her here...and besides that, there is no way I could top what her family wrote about her;  ...more Robin, YOU would be great on stage!!!  I do something called "Open Mike" ...more

The Adventures of F-Man, and D-minus Boy

Today I watched my first born drive away to college without a glance in his rear view mirror...which is just as well as who wants to see their mom crying and chasing his car down the street "come back child, come back!" OK, I didn't do that, but only because my son warned me not to...It's not the whole "he's leaving and never coming back..." It's more what his leaving represents...change...the genie's out of the bottle now and there's no sense trying to put the cork back on...especially if it's a fine bottle of merlot...but it got me thinking of how fast ...more

In Defense of "Nothing Special" Moments as a Family

I remember the night we took this picture. It was sometime in late fall of 2004 and I picked up some KFC for supper, and just for the heck of it, I pulled out the camera and snapped some shots of everybody. My stepson Mark (he's the cute kid sitting next to my daughter who is sticking her tongue out) asked me, "Why are you taking pictures? Nothing special is going on." To which I replied, "Exactly, that's why I'm taking pictures."...more
@misslissy  Hi Miss Lissy, I just happened upon your comment, and I wanted to thank you so much ...more

I Suck at helping my daughter with her homework...

My baby started college last week, and I couldn't help but think back to the good old days (for me anyway), when my daughter Sara wouldn't ask me for help with her homework, but I'd offer anyway; ...more

I'm no longer horrified by the mass shootings...

As I was leaving to go to work this morning my daughter informed me that there was another mass shooting, this time in front of the Empire State Building...and I heard myself say "so how many shot this time?"    It's like I can't even muster amazement or horror, it's just, "how many this time?"  ...more
 @Chris Dean  Chris, it's scary times we're living in...although I'm more afraid for my children ...more