Kate S

I’m a 20-something Bostonian who loves to blog for work and for pleasure.  My interests (and blogging) include gluten-free cooking, urban-living, and Etsy domination!  I own a floral design company, and love working with brides-to-be.  Thank you for reading my blog!

41, 42, 43 Weeks!

Dear Colie,Oh, my sweet little Cole....more

39 Weeks, 40 Weeks, 9 Months!

Dear Little Boo,Over the past two weeks, I have seen more changes out of you than I have in your whole entire little life....more

Four Years

Four years ago today, I was up at 5am....more

36, 37, 38 Weeks, and Baptism Day!

Dear Butternut,May has been an amazing month in our little house!...more

An Open Letter to my Husband Regarding the Lizard in Our Basement

Dearest Husband,This letter is to inform you of the consequences of your actions (or inaction) regarding my phone-call to you about the reptile in our basement....more

35 Weeks and Mother's Day!

Dear Little Love,This past week has been one of the most fun weeks we have had in a long time....more

33 Weeks, 34 Weeks, 8 Months

Dear Little Love,Happy eight months!...more

Meet Mabel

Meet Mabel, our newest and probably oldest piece of furniture. A new house (twice the size of our old house) needs so much new furniture....more

31 and 32 Weeks

Dear Boo,Happy Spring!...more

30 Weeks

Dear Bug,Tonight Daddy had to work late, so we took our time with dinner and bath....more