CK Barlow

I'm a composer and music-technology instructor. Since leaving my corporate gig in the summer of 2011 to spend more time composing, my music has been used on ABC, BBC, Bravo, MTV, Nat'l Geographic, VH1, CMT, Discovery Channel, G4, History Channel, Animal Planet, Style Network and TLC. My big jump is part of what inspired Composing Kitchen, the blog I publish with my incredible spouse, Karen Milling, who also happens to be the author of the Buried Carrots food blog.

Getting Better, Getting Pickier, Getting Better

Ever seen the Web site There I Fixed It? No? Oh, go! Go now and check it out to see gems like this:...more

Retrospect as Power-Tool!

I had a boss once who'd say, "I don't care what's on your resume. I don't care what you did before; I care what you can do right now." I saw his point when it came to certain b-schoolers on staff, but for my own purposes I thought of it more like, "Hey, sweet! Every day is a new opportunity to do something amazing! No baseline needed!" Yeah, I'm Pollyanna like that. ...more

TCB: Replacement Parts and Sweethearts

Saturday was Shoe-Cleaning Day in my childhood home. We'd get out Dad's wooden shoe-shining box, which I always loved; fish out the right polish and the perfect rag; and set to work taking care of our Sunday shoes.Dad had to have been so patient. I mean, think of it: little kids and shoe polish? Yikes! I do remember putting down newspaper to work on, to spare the carpet — another example of taking time to care for what we had, as modest as it might have been....more