Kat King

I’m a wife, a full-time working mom, and a Yorkie owner.  I’m a photographer, a self-proclaimed foodie, a wine enthusiast, and a tech junkie.  I love my family, shopping (especially for shoes), all things baby, and home-making.  I’m (often) a health nut, (mostly) an exercise junkie, and a lover of life.

This is a blog about our lives.

Living Like the Kings

Taylor is 11 months

Our dearest little miss Tish – you are officially in the last month before you turn 1. ...more

A day in the life, April 11 2014

Today Taylor turns 11 months – the last month before she is officially one. ...more

Second kid syndrome

It’s hard to tell sometimes if the personality traits that Taylor has are different because she’s Taylor or if they are a result of being a second kid. ...more

Baby subscription box review: Bluum versus Citrus Lane

This month with the help of a coupon and a Groupon and a Living Social deal, I ended up order a Bluum box and a Citrus Lane box for the kiddies. ...more

Taylor is 10 months

Taylor-bean…….sorry for the photos, kid. ...more

The first dance class

Friday was Peanut’s first dance class. ...more


I have been giving the whole public blog sharing the intimate details of not only my life but the life of our two little girls a lot of thought. ...more

32 little tid bits to make life easier with babies and toddlers

Buy socks with the slip free rubber thingies (official term) (it’s not) at the bottom. ...more

Life, lately

It’s been so long since I’ve posted that I barely even know where to start. I have 11 drafts that are all incomplete. ...more

Taylor is 9 months

3 quarters of a year have flown by and we are so excited for your continued milestones. ...more