Clarisse Thorn

Clarisse Thorn is a feminist, sex-positive educator who has delivered workshops on both sexual communication and BDSM to a variety of audiences, including New York’s Museum of SexSan Francisco’s Center for Sex and Culture, and universities across America. She created and curated the original Sex+++ sex-positive documentary film series at Chicago’s Jane Addams Hull-House Museum; she has also volunteered as an archivist, curator and fundraiser for that venerable BDSM institution, the Leather Archives & Museum. Clarisse recently returned from working on HIV mitigation in southern Africa. She blogs at and Twitters @clarissethorn.

In Praise of Monogamy

People who act apologetic for being monogamous, usually do so because they've been overexposed to "polyvangelists" who argue that non-monogamy is "better" or "more evolved." This is silly! Liking monogamy doesn't have to be justified and liking monogamy is a perfectly awesome reason for preferring monogamy. ...more

I say whatever works. I'm a serial monogamist and someday I hope to find "the one." I agree that ...more