Photo Tips at Oregon's Painted Hills

After exploring the surreal terrain of the Painted Hills, Amanda offers some useful photography tips for capturing the jaw-dropping beauty. If you've never seen this unusual place, it's worth checking out her stunning photos:...more
@BlogHer love that place! :) i went there in May with my honors biology class :) ...more

When I Grow Up...Roller Derby!

Being told that you're "too old" for Roller Derby sounded like a pretty clear challenge to this mother of EIGHT, with three still at home. One thing is for sure, you're never too old to dream:...more

All Religions In One Charm Bracelet

Reflecting on her own childhood fascination with her mother's jangly charm bracelet, Wendy hatched a brilliant plan - create a sparkly, shiny charm bracelet featuring a variety of religious symbols as a teaching tool for her daughter:...more
Great idea for adults as well!more

Tales From a First-Year Urban Farmer: Lessons, Battles and a Little Relish

Meet a Seattle blogger whose passion for food and cooking led to an urban garden, which led to even more passion about growing food. This post details hard-won lessons for next year along with plenty of joyful success:...more

Why Travel is Good For Your Writing

Charlotte is dedicated to the craft of writing and is constantly on the lookout for ways to strengthen her skills and expand her perspective. In this post, she outlines several ways to use travel - whether business or pleasure - as a means of creative growth:...more

The Time I Buttered the Dog

In this hilarious post, a chubby, misguided pooch gets herself stuck in the bars of a baby gate and a buttery strategy is quickly devised:...more

When I Am Old I Shall Dye My Hair Aqua

Nursing a fantasy she's had since college, Joy has set her mind on an aquamarine 'do in her senior years. The only question I have for her, how do you know when you're old?...more
As progressive as my job is, the only thing they ask is that we don't have colors like pink, ...more

Tough Transition: Pet Owner to Parent

The love of a pet is a unique bond but when you throw a baby in the mix, once has to make some hard decisions, especially if the already-troubled pet is unhappy about the new addition:...more

Reviewing Faith...and 'The Faith Club'

While reviewing the three-sided book on religious perspectives, The Faith Club, a blogger reflects on her own Christian faith and the sources of her beliefs:...more

Air Fresheners: Not So Fresh

Upon closer inspection, many of the market claims that air fresheners make turn out to be a farce - a very tricky, dangerous one at that. This nugget of info is just the beginning......more
@BlogHer who knew?more