Holiday Gifts for Pets

According to a recent poll, over half of American pet owners will buy pet gifts for the holidays, spending an average of $46 per gift. These animals can expect to receive primarily food and treats, followed by bedding, clothing, leash/collar/harness and grooming products. (What, no toys?) Also, one can assume that some lucky pets will receive more than one gift which is another version of Cute Overload....more
but of course!more

Girl Scouts Offer 'Locavore' Badges

Although I spent a decade as a Camp Fire Girl (we earned beads, not badges), I must applaud Girl Scouts of America for offering their 2.3 million troops the opportunity to earn a 'locavore' badge, stressing the importance of local food. The Girls Scouts, celebrating their 100-year-old birthday next year, launched the new badge on October 1. (They also added new badges for website design, financial literacy and entertainment technology.)...more
My daughter taught the daisy how to compost and how to build an organic garden.more

Gifts To Reduce Plastic

If you are hanging out here in the Green section, it's likely you well understand how plastic is the enemy of the environment. So much of what we purchase these days comes packaged in this non-biodegradable material, that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is only the start of our problems....more
@Charlotte Locavore Hey Charlotte - I bought that bread bag as part of a 3-pack (as the photo ...more

Handling CSA Stress

"Is it almost over?"The weary words of my partner, asking plaintively when the CSA madness will end. "Just five and half more weeks," I say, "and then we can go out to a restaurant once again, like normal people."...more
@Heather Clisby Yep, guilty of living in the South and I love history-- keep dragging it into my ...more

Dear Seal Beach: Lessons From Littleton

[Editor’s Note: On October 12, a man walked into the Salon Meritage in Seal Beach, California and killed eight people. It is Orange County's worst mass killing.] Image: Rose Palmisano/The Orange County Register via ZUMA Press. Dear Seal Beach,...more
Could not have been written better - so glad it was written & shared.more

Loose Exotic Pet Laws - The Real Villain

This week's bizarre tragedy in Ohio brings attention to the widely varying exotic pet laws in each state. Terry Thompson, owner of the 73-acre Zanesville property that held 56 wild animals, committed suicide by firearm shortly after he let all the animals out of their cages. By all accounts, it was the final 'f**k you' to his community, which included kids on their way to school....more
This whole situation made me so sad. Such a waste of precious endangered animals. The man who ...more

Can Car Seats Be Recycled?

I've been hearing concerns about child car seat disposal, namely, can they be recycled? Car seats are the only piece of kid gear required by law and, in some places, for kids up to age 8, so one child could have two or three different seats before they graduate to standard safety belt. With four million babies born in the U.S. annually, and each requiring three car seats before age eight, Americans buy as many as 12 million seats a year. And even though 90 percent of the materials are recyclable, where does all that metal, foam, fabric and molded plastic end up?...more
recycling all (safe) baby items is a wonderful idea and is the inspiration for a new ...more

California Passes Shark Fin Ban

Late last week, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill banning the sale and possession of shark fins, thus insuring that California will play a central role in lowering the demand for sharks. Bill AB 376 has invoked praise from environmentalists and condemnation from Chinese-American communities which serve Shark Fin Soup at weddings and other cultural celebrations in a centuries-old tradition....more
i hope this type of activism continues, because the pillaging of shark fins is disrupting our ...more

National Costume Swap Day

It's that time of year again, when you pull the bag marked 'costumes' from the back of the closet only to find that your little monsters have outgrown the Batman, Spiderman and Woody outfits from Halloweens past. But tomorrow is National Costume Swap Day, a reuse opportunity to turn 'em in for an upgrade!...more
Costume swapping is a fabulous idea! We've done this informally for years by purchasing ...more

Merlin's Beard! Padfoot is Homeless

If you love Harry Potter and dogs, this one's going to sting a bit. Berry, the 10-year-old black German Shepherd that played Padfoot (animagos of Sirius Black) in “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”, is looking for a new home. After the news broke yesterday, offers of adoption have been pouring in from all over the world. ...more
@LadyAnne I second this sentiment. If they have room in their lives for a 'celebrity' dog, ...more