How the Un-Air-Conditioned Survive

Hard to imagine facing this hot-as-Hades summer without the miracle of air conditioning but one family bravely trudges on, year after year. This hilariously bitter post ticks off the various ways in which they survive to sweat another day: ...more
We don't have A/C so we live in front of a fan!more

Food Fright: Too Much Misinformation?

While perusing her local library, this Kansas blogger was struck by how many activist books were targeted at the food industry and agriculture. In this post, she calls for a cease in the 'food fight' to ponder a few key facts:...more
I started dieting "localvore" as much as possible. I would say I suffer from food fright :/more

Grieving and Healing: A Life Too Short

A grieving grandmother faces the emotional and spiritual pain that can come only from losing someone whose earthly stay was all-too-brief:...more
Thank you Melanie. The pain was, is, so overwhelming, that I've pushed it away. I think it's ...more

Navy's Controversial Testing: Marine Life Threatened?

There's been a lot of outcry over the Navy's proposal to conduct training drills that could adversely affect – and possibly kill – thousands of marine life off the Southern California coast. Alexis, a graduate student in the Zoology PhD program at the University of Hawaii, uses sounds to study the movement and behavior of cetaceans (dolphins and whales) and sometimes birds. From a purely scientific perspective, she plans to dive deep into the proposal one bit at a time, starting with this post:...more
Very. Very concerned.more

Spiritually Hungry? Come to the Feast!

After advising her kids to seek a yoga studio (as opposed to a church) for a save haven in an unfamiliar place, this Christian woman puts out a rallying cry:...more
Thank you for sharing. It looks like a story.more

A Curated Home: Purging of Things

In an effort to create a home with "fewer but better things", Cate recently sold a guitar that was taking up space as decoration:...more
Elaine Springer Griffin I'm ready. Kind of. Sort of. heh. ...more

Beth Terry's 'Plastic Free' Book Gets Covered in Plastic

Oh, the irony:...more
This cracked me up.more

In Dog Memoriam: Magnus The Great

The loss of a pet, a unique type of pain that never gets easier. Here, the Food Gypsy takes a break from the kitchen to honor her beloved dog, Magnus The Great:...more
@thefoodgypsy You are so very welcome.more

5 Shopping Tips for the Farmer's Market

'Tis the season for outdoor aisles of fresh produce, breads, cheese, meats, flowers....Farmer's Markets are a dazzling sign that summer is here:....more
Bring tons of money. Farmers markets are crazy expensive unfortunately. more

'Organic' Is a Dirty Word

A few months back, I was talking with Kirk about -- what else? -- organic farming. “They need a new word for it,” he said. “A new word? What? Why?” “'Organic’ is just...I don’t know...not good. They need a new word.” I was incredulous. Good lord, what could possibly be wrong with organic? I can’t think of anything more harmless or healthy. But once I put my self-righteous indignation aside, I gained valuable insight....more
HA!  I was just going to post the same thing.  I'm in the southeast and around here ...more