This Week in Animal News: Puppy Mills, Live Crab Vending Machines, Canned Hunting

While American humanoids battled it out this week in the usual teeter-totter grab for power, animals went about their business. Or tried to. There were some bizarre developments in the animal world -- some victories, some defeats and one very big WTF? involving a country western "star" and a tame bear named Cubby. ...more

Thanks for noting this. I've had 'Cubby' dreams for several nights now. Terrible story. ...more

Protecting Black Cats Near Halloween

I was shocked and offended by her crass statement until I began realizing how many shelter residents were black kitties. Long-held superstitions about black cats being incarnations of evil still persist and shelters nationwide often have a difficult time placing them. Furthermore, many shelters fear the cats will become victims of torture and abuse and simply disallow black cat adoptions during the Halloween season, a tactic that causes disagreement among animal lovers. ...more

So strange that the pet store offered a black cat for sale and then 'warned' a prospective owner ...more

Pets in the Workplace: Dog Day Afternoons

Years ago, I worked at a small town newspaper where "Office Dog" was a regular position on the masthead. (Including a dog named Do who was verbally hard to chastise: "Do! Don't!") Workplace pets are surely on the rise but working like a dog (or rather, alongside one) isn't for everyone. Nevertheless, 75 million Americans believe pets in the workplace make people happier. ...more

While I don't think we are necessarily facing pet alligators by the water cooler I love your ...more

More Than An Email Forward: A Visit With Molly, the Amputee Horse

In early 2009, Molly appeared in my inbox as yet another heartwarming animal-themed email forward from Mom. (Cat Adopts Baby Squirrel! Dog Frolics With Deer! Kitten and Parakeet Are Best Friends!) But somehow, Molly's story rose above the cloying cuteness and hit me in the gut. A Louisiana horse who'd lost her leg in the post-Katrina madness, Molly persevered (assisted by perceptive humans) and became a model case for amputees everywhere. ...more

This is a great story! Thanks for sharing!

Jenny Kerr is the creator of The Jenny ...more

FDA Ponders Genetically Engineered Salmon

As the FDA considers approving the first genetically-engineered animal for our dinner tables, debate rages over possible health risks and the ethics of a super salmon. Some call it a revolutionary panacea, others resist the so-called Frankenfood, but no matter the outcome, this is only the beginning. ...more
So what is the reasoning behind not labeling it as GE? It is indeed genetically engineered, ...more

Animals As Individuals: A Visit to the Farm Sanctuary in California

After visiting the Farm Sanctuary in New York earlier this year, I made a point to visit their California facility... purely for research, of course. Much like it's Eastern counterpart, the western FS is a blessed place, where farm animals once slated for slaughter or facing a life of cruel neglect become individuals with personalities. There, at last, they find peace... and many butt rubs....more

What a wonderful story. more

Tugging on Heartstrings and Feathers: An Up-Close Look at a Wildlife Rehab Center in the Gulf

Heading to the Deep South earlier this month, I braced for an up-close look at the Gulf Oil spill. On the day I arrived, July 2, South Mississippi's excellent Sun-Herald screamed: "OIL ENTERING GULF'S FOOD CHAIN." This was going to be tough. ...more

Now let's collectively cross our fingers that this new cap holds.


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Allegations of BP's Turtle Burning Add Fuel to the Fire

Recent reports that BP is burning oil-soaked sea turtles alive in its ham-handed efforts to control the Gulf spill have added fuel to the fire of outrage against the petroleum giant. And now, two animal conservation groups say they will sue BP and the U.S. Coast Guard to stop the deadly "controlled burns" aimed at removing surface oil. ...more

I know what you mean, the whole thing gives me anger fatigue and all the yoga in the world ...more

Whaling Talks Collapse: Japan, Norway and Iceland Free to Keep Hunting Whales Unchecked

This week's highly anticipated International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting continues with the thorniest topic unresolved: Whether or not to suspend a flimsy 25-year ban on commercial hunting in favor of a more enforced limited ban. Despite international pressure to maintain sustainable whaling, talks collapsed on Wednesday, leaving Japan, Norway and Iceland free to continue whaling unchecked. ...more

Kristin - I know exactly what you mean. The ignorance is so massive, I can see it from here and ...more

Update on Gulf Coast Wildlife Efforts: How to Clean an Oiled Pelican

While BP has begrudgingly agreed to a restitution account for those affected by the disaster, dolphins and brown pelicans do not -- at last check -- keep bank accounts. Despite heroic efforts, wildlife such as sea birds, dolphins, shrimp, oysters and Bluefin tuna may never be the same. Meanwhile, clean-up crews have reportedly been seen mistakenly trampling pelican nests, the toxic dispersants used to break up the oil have only made it easier for animals to ingest it, and there's been some heated debate among wildlife experts on whether all the cleaning and rehabilitation of wildlife does any good. ...more

Glad to help, even some small way.


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