Courtney Vrablik

I'm a mother of two magical girls and-for the first time, I get to stay at home full-time. And, while I know that's a gift, it's hard to break the mental training of being "the boss" at work. I'm no longer managing a professional bakery, I'm trying to help my little imps grow into the best people they can be. I loved my work and I miss the action. I blog so I don't lose my edge, so I don't forget what I knew, so I can learn something new I can stop waking up at 3 am, feeling crazy and wondering how I will fill my day and still feel productive. I'm fumbling my way through....and dragging others with me if I can.

Country Bean Soup Mix: A Gift For You or Them

I am so utterly sick of baking at this point. Some of you wonder why I named my blog "bipolar baking"--it's moments like this, when I'd really rather do anything other than bake. It's a love/hate thing. And, seriously, I baked 26 different kinds of goodies in less than 3 weeks. ...I'm sure two days from now, I'll be back to it. So today, instead of whipping up confections or cookies, I've got a crock pot full of country bean soup while I police Thing 1 and Thing 2 as they take turns poking at the gifts under the tree. ...more

Gingerbread Tiles: Updated Classic for the Holidays

Many a Christmas I spent all night in a bakery making hundreds and hundreds of gingerbread men...and houses. I think at one point, I over-dosed on red hots and swore them off forever...until next holiday season. After I stopped working in professional kitchens, I still sold trays of Christmas cookies to friends and neighbors during the holidays and wanted to include some traditional flavors but didn't want to scare any one off with a huge gingerbread couple parked in the middle of the trays. ...more

Need a Side Dish? Summer Squash Risotto

Summer Squash Risotto ...more