Hmm...where do I begin?  Born and raised in small town america, very small...graduated with 49 other kids.  Went to Michigan State University, a childhood dream come true, and quickly walked onto the varsity track team (quickly broke an all time record for indoor hammer too I might add), also a dream come true.

After college I got a job just like I was supposed to and soon fell in love with a coworker, just like I wasn't supposed to!  He's twice my age and loaded with baggage.  5 years later we are together (this relationship has been to hell and back) unmarried, today we are happy...tomorrow could be a totally different story.  We have two year old twins, a boy and a girl, who have taught me more about being a good person than any college course, lectures from my own parents or a mentor has ever taught me.

I work full time and live nowhere near any family that will or can help with our children.  We are constantly battling the slippery slope of family/work life balance.  Does it actually exist?  I find myself trying to do it all better than the next mom and I without fail always end up taking on more than I can handle and causing yet another disaster.  

My days are filled with rushing to daycare, rushing to work, rushing through work, rushing home to start dinner, rushing to daycare then rushing through dinner all the way through bath time.  All along the way trying to put out fires at work, manage my relationship, manage motherhood and manage not going completely insane.   

My life has been interesting; sometimes unfair but always changing.  I have a very stubborn head on my shoulders and love a good fight.  I crave competition and never ever give up on something I want.   

Even My Therapist Won't Call Me Back

Let me catch you up! I've been through a lot these past few years, my brain and my self-esteem is not what it once was.  I took a sales job right out of college and fell madly in love with a coworker...the catch?  He is twice my age.  Not a problem for us but apparently a problem for everyone else in our lives.  My dad didn't speak to me for months, called me every name in the book, threatened to come fight him...just lost his mind when I told him.  Mind you I thought they would be really happy for me that I found someone who treated me so amazingly....more