Carly A. Heitlinger

I am a senior in college who loves anything preppy. I'm obsessed with bows, monograms, Lilly Pulitzer, anything vanilla, pink, headbands, cupcakes, Vineyard Vines, Twizzlers, photography, friends, twitter, Kate Spade, lists, Jack Rogers, Ray-Bans, pearls, gchat, Macs, bulletin boards, and post-its.

Instagram Photostrips

I am obsessed with Instagram.  I just can't get enough of the iPhone app.  It's so much fun to take pictures and add fun little filters and effects.  I like how it's also a mini-social network. Well, I love the app so much that I didn't want my favorite pictures trapped inside my iPhone for the rest of eternity.  Don't they deserve to see the light of day too?!?!?...more
I made an app that makes photostrips automatically from your Instagram photos. Check it out! ...more