Erica Dinho

My name is Erica Dinho and I was born and raised in Medellin, Colombia and I now live in the northeastern United States with my husband and family. I am not a professional chef, but I love to cook! So, in 2009 I created, a recipe blog consisting of Colombian recipes, as well as many other great tasting recipes from around the world.

My hope is that people from other countries discover Colombian food and learn more about our culture and traditions. Buen Provecho!


Guiso de Cola (Colombian-Style Oxtail Stew)

This Guiso de Cola is not a quick weeknight meal, by any means, but it is most certainly a “make your house smell amazing” weekend kind of meal. It also makes for terrific leftovers! This Oxtail Stew is one of the most comforting dishes I know ....more

Fresco de Aguacate (Avocado Juice)

Do you want another way to enjoy the wonderful avocado? How about a cool, creamy glass of Fresco de Aguacate! This Avocado drink is popular in Buenaventura, a coastal seaport city located on the Pacific side of Colombia ....more

Arepas Carisecas (Sweet Arepas)

Arepas are a very important part of the Colombian cuisine and one of my favorite Colombian foods. There are many variations of arepas prepared throughout the country. We have arepas de choclo, arepa de huevo, arepa blanca, arepa rellena de queso, arepa boyacence, arepiita frita, and arepa santandereana, and more! ...more

Pollo a la Plancha (Colombian-Style Grilled Chicken Breast)

I find chicken to be one of the most versatile proteins to cook. It’s delicious, and can be purchased at a decent price at most grocery stores. One of my favorite dishes to make with chicken breast is my mom’s Pollo a la Plancha ....more

Pan de Banano y Arequipe) Banana and Dulce de Leche Bread

Many of us have a favorite dessert flavor. For most people, it’s chocolate, for others, it’ s citrus, for some it’s vanilla or mint. But whatever it is, it’ s the flavor that you just can’t resist whenever you see it on a menu or in a store ....more

Candil (Creamy Warm Drink)

I love the creamy texture and sweet taste of Candil, it’ s just the perfect warm drink. We are welcoming spring, but here in the Northeast, it’s still very cold, and soups and warm drinks like this one help me fight the winter blues. Candil is a traditional drink from El Huila department located in […] ...more

Pescado a la Criolla (Fish with Creole Sauce)

This Fish with Creole Sauce is a popular Colombian dish from the Atlantic coast of Colombia. Traditionally, this Pescado a la Criolla recipe is made with a deep fried whole fish such a red snapper, but I prefer making mine with fish fillets and cook in a pan with only a little oil. This time […] ...more

Sopa de Habas y Cebada (Barley and Fava Bean Soup)

Growing up in a large Colombian family was absolutely amazing. Mamita made the most fantastic food and I still treasure our Sunday lunch and dinner tradition and all the wonderful food my grandmother cooked for us. Traditional Colombian soups were always on the menu ....more

My Colombian Recipes in Español!

It’s finally here, My Colombian Recipes now has a Spanish language site. We have been secretly working on this for months and I am very excited and proud to be able to offer my recipes in Spanish, as well as English. I created this blog containing Colombian recipes written in English in February del 2009, […] ...more

12 Traditional Colombian Drinks You Must Try

Chocolate Santafereño Colombian cuisine has a wonderful array of hot and cold drinks, consisting of great juices made with fresh exotic fruits. These drinks are often mixed with sugar and your choice of milk or water. This round-up of 12 Traditional Colombian Drinks You Must Try starts with my favorite hot drinks best enjoyed during […] ...more