Connie Reece

For more than 30 years Connie Reece has been writing for publication and consulting with companies and nonprofits on their marketing and communication needs. Connie is a co-founder of the Social Media Club, a global community for the users and creators of emerging media, and is the founder of EveryDotConnects, a consortium of marketing and media practitioners who are passionate about using new technologies to build bridges between people and ideas and causes. When a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2007, Connie created the Frozen Pea Fund, now incorporated as a nonprofit organization with the mission of funding breast cancer research, education and programs.

Connie is active in the virtual world Second Life and enjoys teleporting around the grid to attend events and get-togethers, or to spend some time relaxing at her oceanside villa. She has become a popular conference speaker and, working with fellow Every Dot Connects team members, has launched a series of hands-on workshops to teach the basics of popular Web 2.0 tools. A recent project has Connie helping build community around the microblogging service Plurk through a series of free “plurkshops,” online DIY workshops where participants discuss a topic in real time — peer-to-peer knowledge sharing at its best.

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FIR Interview: Connie Reece, Frozen Pea Fund

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson for their program, For Immediate Release, on the creation of the Frozen Pea Fund, a community-driven fund-raising effort for breast cancer research and programs. The interview is about 30 minutes. Click to listen: FIR interview: Connie Reece, Frozen Pea Fund ...more