Rocquelle Porch

I’m a 20-something Southern girl, who’s always loved fashion, and isn’t afraid to stand out in the crowd for the sake of personal style and be comfortable in my own skin. I write this blog to share my personal style in hopes of inspiring others to play around with color, textures, as well as vintage and modern, and to hopefully empower women in the process.

God. Style. Books. Fashion. Good food. Love. Meeting new people. Pearls. Female empowerment. Nail polish. Sunshine. Babe (my boyfriend). Shoes. Old things made new. Family. DIY projects. Friends. Rings. Magazines. Self. Smiles.

These are things that I love, enjoy, and hope to share on Consider Me Lovely!

New Mom Goes Holiday Glam

Oh girls!! It's my first Christmas season as a mommy! I am going to be taking so many photos in the next few weeks. I want to have good memories of this time of year, and I want to look good in those photos! My everyday uniform is leggings and a hoodie or sweats and a tee. Hair: bun or two little girl braids. NOT sexy. ...more
I just love the bow!!!  I always get excited when I come across another lady who wears her hair ...more

Sonia Kashuk at Target, Beauty for Every Woman

In 1999 the Sonia Kashuk beauty brand was born in partnership with Target stores. At around the very same time, while wandering around Target one day, I found a perfect little eyeshadow brush and, because it was so pretty, I bought it. It was a Sonia Kashuk product, and it was the first eyeshadow brush I bought that didn't come free with an eyeshadow compact. I remember feeling very professional about having purchased it. Though I don't use it daily, I still have the eyeshadow brush - over 10 years later, and I am now well aware of the "luxury at mass" brand that is Sonia Kashuk....more
I've never bought any Sonia Kushuk products though I have looked at the brushes often, but I ...more