Constance Grant

Constance is a personal and professional life coach who uses her upbeat spirit and straight-forward speaking to support her clients through their success journey. She is a firm believer that “Fear is just a four-letter word!” Constance is a graduate of The University of TN - Knoxville with a BS in chemical engineering. While very technically savvy, she found it challenging to focus solely on the results-only ebb and flow of Corporate America. She often found herself drawn to building relationships and rapport with people, before being concerned with “work”. After five years of “the struggle”, Constance keyed in on her true desire and passion to help people. She made a shift to the learning and development aspect of human resources. It is in this job position that she came to understand that coaching is the core of who she is, and knows that this is her gift to share in the world. In the midst of her journey, Constance learned that she would become a mother! While perplexed with the decision to ride the corporate wave, or be more available for her first child (a son), she STEPPED OUT OF THE BOX in full belief that raising him mattered more. Now, Coach Constance shares her passion with other professional moms through coaching and support. Every mother deserves to know that daycare does not have to be the first option.