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Freelance writer and blogger living on an island off of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  That makes me a Yooper.

A Writer asks a Famous Writer to Stop Writing Because–Why Again?

Every writer is jealous of other writers.  Whether it’s fame or fortune or talent, we can’t help but snivel a little when they become Them and we’re still just us....more

Why Self-Help Almost Never Is

Here’s the thing about self-help:  If you’re reading a book or an article about how to fix your current miserable existence, or listening to a self-described “expert” tell you and hordes of others how to fix it, it’s not even close to being self-help.It’s not that these folks don’t want to help you.  They do!  They really, really do!  The goal is to help you to let go and try their tactics on your own. (But not to such a degree that you won’t be buying their next book or watching their next program.)...more

Farewell, Pete Seeger. Peace Be With You

 I woke up this morning to the sad news that Pete Seeger, America's folk singer and man of peace, has died. He was 94 years old, so we should be grateful that we had him with us for so long.  He was a man whose presence was timeless and inspiring, and the truth is, we needed him.  We need him still. Image: © Brian Cahn/ZUMA Wire/ZUMAPRESS.com ...more

A New Year’s Evolution

It’s January 1, 2014.  Every year at this time we Snowbirds are on the road to our southern digs, so after a day’s travel, even on New Year’s Eve, we weary road-warriors hit the pillows early.  (I missed the ball drop by about 2 1/2 hours.)  In this mid-priced freeway-motel-with-breakfast (a waffle machine, oatmeal packets, yogurt, juice, sporadic fresh fruit, and traditionally lousy coffee), New Year’s Eve is just another night....more

Candy is Dandy and Desserts are Never Fattening on Holidays

As much as I dislike snow (except for that first snowfall, which is always magical and beautiful), as much as I griped endlessly over having to take three whole days to go 350 miles, as much as I felt put-upon over last minute Christmas shopping and food preparation and more driving and staying up late, I loved every minute of being with our family and friends over Christmas.  We’ve been having a great time, as always, and any thoughts of blogging have been fleeting and–so sorry–quickly forgotten....more

How Daily Blogging Changed My Blog

Thirty days ago I took up the BlogHer challenge to write a blog post a day for a month.  Today marks the last of it.  As much as I’ve relished the challenge, sometimes even looking forward to it, I’ve also been waiting for this day to come. I’ve rarely ever published on either of my blogs on consecutive days.  It just isn’t in me to come up with something new to write every 24 hours....more

Happy Thanksgiving, Short and Maybe Not So Sweet

It’s here!  Today’s the day!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many blogs about Thanksgiving as I have this year. We’re sharing memorable recipes and lovely table settings; we’re telling stories about childhood Thanksgivings, about hilarious holiday mishaps, about family squabbles and even about the victims turkeys themselves....more

On the Day When Turkeys Never Give Thanks

My pies are baked, the ingredients for our Thanksgiving dinner are all organized and in their places, and I’ve checked on the turkey to make sure it’s doing  what it’s supposed to be doing–thawing.   Somebody killed that turkey and now it’s lying naked in my fridge.  If it still had its head I know it would be glaring at me.  If I were any kind of person at all, I’d be sorry.  But the fact is, I’ll sleep good tonight, and, come tomorrow, I’ll cook and eat that bird....more

Places I'll Show You if You'll Promise Not to Go There

I’m not a hermit by any stretch, but when I think about the places I might want to revisit they’re the places my family and I have discovered and selfishly want to keep to ourselves.  In my secret places there are no campfires, no beer cans, no human-borne flotsam to spoil their  beauty.  There are some signs that humans have been there but nobody broadcasts them.  We had to find them on our own. ...more
I did so relate to this posting.  I, too, have suffered from seeing once-beautiful places ...more