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Co Founder & Editor at -an online community and lifestyle guide for globally inspired living in the US-. I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 2000's. I have worked in broadcast media as a bilingual on camera, voice talent & linguist. I currently live with my family in Miami, FL.

Interior Designer Soledad Alzaga embraces her South American Roots

From San Francisco to Mexico, Soledad Alzaga has decorated for clients with eclectic and elegant taste. This Buenos Aires-born designer relies on instinct to mix old world with new pieces to create a unique and inviting space. Soledad believes that "personal style as well as home design has to be comfortable, fit your needs and reflect your personality."...more

Argentine Filmaker Ricardo Preve: On a Quest to Eliminate the Chagas Disease

“Chagas” disease, an insect-borne parasitic disease, is common in Central and South America, with more than 8 million people affected by the illness and over 23,000 deaths from it annually. While commonplace in Latin America, Chagas disease is widely unheard of in the United States — until now. It is deadly, it is spreading quickly, and most of the world has never heard of it. “Chagas” is spread by the “vinchuca” bug's bite....more

Traveling by car with kids: A Survival Guide

My family and I really enjoy car trips - from San Francisco to LA, Fort Lauderdale to Savannah, Georgia. I just mention car trip and the kids run to their rooms to ready their backpacks. You can say I passed on my wandering gypsy genes to them....more

Hallacas: Unusual & Storied Central & South American Holiday Dish

If you're looking for traditional Central & South American food for the holiday, well here it is! Hallacas, which means "to mix" in the Guarani language, is food carefully prepared days in advance before Christmas. It dates back to the colonial times, when household servants would gather leftovers from the succulent Spanish feasts held at plantations. This resulted in a mixture of beef, pork, chicken, raisins, capers, peppers, onions and olives, all wrapped in cornmeal dough. Then it's folded within plantain leaves then tied with twine....more

Wynwood: New Multicultural Art & Food Mecca in the heart of Miami

Since I moved to Miami more than a year ago, I've been longing to find a more artsy-bohemian-multicultural neighborhood, something beyond the flashy hotels and restaurant chains typical of Miami Beach. One day I was driving my car into Miami downtown, on I-95 South, and a flash of colorful edgy graffiti caught my eye. This is how I found Wynwood.Wynwood is north of Downtown Miami and Overtown, and adjacent to Edgewater. It has two major sub-districts: the Wynwood Art District in northern Wynwood, and the Wynwood Fashion District along West 5th Avenue....more

SAHMS Vs Working Moms. The New War.

I personally have been on both sides, and that’s why I don’t like it every time I see criticism or anger from one side to the other. Who is a better mom? Who has the secret to excellent parenting? Who is to blame for unfulfilled dreams? Who suffers more? Who gets more credit? It never ends. Women are constantly criticizing each other and judging each other, especially when it comes to parenting. When are we going to learn that a more community-oriented and open heart attitude will make everyone’s lives much better?...more

Empanadas de Carne: A Traditional Argentine Recipe

Empanadas are a classic snack from South America and a great one to make with your hubby. They're small pie shells stuffed with a savory meat or vegetable filling. There are many varieties of empanadas; this style is typical to Argentina. Empanadas are ideal for Thanksgiving and Christmas, since they are easy to make, serve and truly delicious. Surprise your friends and family this holiday season with my recipe!...more

Wines from South America Under $20

South American wines have become very popular in the last 10 years. Argentina, in particular, has developed a reputation for fine wines, especially due to the popularity of the Malbec. Its grapes grow well in the Mendoza region of Argentina. They produce excellent quality wines at a very affordable price. Also they're not very heavy, strong, or dark, but full of aroma and flavor. Here are my 5 favorite red wines which I would definitely pour at a dinner party, or present as a gift to our host. ...more

Celebrate the Holidays Argentine Style with a Roasted Pig

nstead of recipes with ethnic flavors for the holidays, we want to share true traditions around big celebrations. Although Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Latin and Asian American countries, we've adopted it in some shape or form here in the U.S. But University of Florida professor, Michael Gannon, insists that a group of Spanish explorers (not Pilgrims) were the first to celebrate Thanksgiving in the New World. And in actuality, Spanish, and not English, was spoken on that day....more