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Shelly Jaronsky is a Texan at heart, living in New Jersey. She blogs about her adventures as a mommy, wife, and baker on her website cookies and cups. Shelly loves pop culture, shopping, and sugar in equal measure and started her site in early 2009 as a place to share her messes and successes. There is no pretense to her cooking, and often refers back to church cookbooks and family recipes for inspiration.Shelly firmly believes that no one can frown while eating a cupcake, so she works hard making people smile, one cupcake at a time!

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Host a Cookie Exchange Party!

The best thing about a Holiday Cookie Party is you get a taste of the best from every person invited. Also, leaving a party with cookies AND new recipes is a successful day, if I do say so myself! So plan to get your best girlfriends together for a fun cookie exchange. But first, you’ll need to lay out a quick plan. Let‘s talk details: ...more
Thanks for a great post!  I need to get into the "finals" this year at my cookie exchange.  I'm ...more

A Sweet 4th of July Party

I'm a Texan at heart and Texas girls like themselves a themed party. And really, what's a better theme than 4th of July? ...more
Great ideas, especially that punch! What time should I come over?more

Eggstraordinary Spring Entertaining Recipe!

What I have found is that brunch, while sounding all fancy and glamorous, is totally doable. Easy, actually. All you need to do is plan your meal around a single main course dish. One that can be prepared in advance is not only recommended but encouraged.Eggs are a favorite ingredient when making food to share for springtime gatherings and celebrations. A favorite go-to brunch meal in our family is a tart or a quiche. They are so adaptable and easy....more
I love springtime meals and always include deviled eggs and quiche with fresh peppers and eggs.more