Yelena Strokin

My name is Yelena, and I was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia and now I live in small historic town near Philadelphia. I am a wife and mother of two precious children 7 and 11 years old and I run food blog called Cooking Melangery. My blog is my portfolio, although I have real portfolio at, and it is a place where I can introduce my work to the world. I “meet” new people there all the time, and I am happy about it. I have a degree in Culinary Arts and a passion for anything beautiful and creative. In the recent past I have worked for number of major financial companies in Information Technology field. My corporate environment experience is a real asset in creative work which I have decided to pursue after the birth of my second child.

Currently I work out of my home studio as a freelance food stylist and photographer.

4th of July Recipe Ideas

Dishes for special occasions"To roast some beef, to carve a joint with neatness,To boil up sauces, and to blow the fire,Is anybody's task: he who does thisIs but a seasoner and broth-maker.A cook is quite another thing. HMust comprehend all facts and circumstances;Where is the place, and what the time of supper;Who are the quests, and who the entertainer;What fish he ought to buy, and where to buy it."-DionysiusRead more » Copyright Cooking Melangery 2014 at ...more

Linden Tea for a Summer Afternoon

June and July are the best time to pick and put away till winter linden tree flowers famous for its therapeutic properties. Linden tree starts blossoming in June spreading around wonderful delicate scent. It is covered with small yellowish-white color flowers ....more

Still Life with Oysters on a Canvas

I live in historic Bucks County which has many artsy towns and art galleries. From time to time I exhibit my Still Life work at some of them. Last month I have been awarded "Best of show" with four of my photographs ....more

Five Superstar Summer Salads

Here are some salad recipes that do not appear to have many ingredients in common. Some are based on a traditional vegetables and fruits, others are a little more unexpected. When you are not sure what to serve, these salads provide a perfect solution, suitable for an informal meal with your family, or a quick snack before the movie theater, or just a lunch with a friend where a full meal is not required ....more

My Masterpiece - Still Life with Plums & Lemons

Enjoy! Copyright Cooking Melangery 2014 at ...more

Still Life with Peaches & Tomato

Have a very creative weekend! Copyright Cooking Melangery 2014 at ...more

Still Life with Plums & Peaches

Summer is here - Have a wonderful week! Copyright Cooking Melangery 2014 at ...more

After the Rain...

"Spring rain...more

Summer Jams

When summer is approaching, I start contemplating visits to local farms to collect some berries and fruits for my jams and preserves. Over the past few years I have cooked many scrumptious jams, but every summer I have developed more unique recipes. Without having some homemade preserves on the shelf any house is not complete.When we cook breakfasts on a weekend my kids like to pick their favorite jams and syrups for waffles and pancakes ....more

Still Life with Bread & Onions, Plus Exciting News!

My Still life with Bread & Onion was selected to be in the 20th Annual Artsbridge Juried Show. This year, 298 pieces were submitted. From that total, 84 hanging works and 8 sculptures were chosen ....more