Christine Pittman

My goal is to help people spend less time in the kitchen and more time at the table with family and friends. I’m a published recipe developer, writer and photographer and I blog at Cook the Story. I focus on easy weeknight meals to get you more precious minutes with your family and on simple entertaining dishes to let you spend more time talking with your friends and less time cooking for them.

In addition to being a professional food writer and photographer, I am the delighted mother to two extraordinary kids, J who is 5 and M who is 2. I'm a Canadian living in Florida and I'm married to a Brit. Our international family loves to learn and have fun together in and out of the kitchen.


My Blogs

Grilled French Fries

Grilled french fries are really easy to make. The best thing about them is that you can do most of the work ahead. Find out all about how to make grilled french fries below ....more

Indian-Spiced Grilled Chicken with Yogurt Sauce

These Indian spiced grilled chicken kebabs are marinated in yogurt and have a spicy, creamy yogurt dipping sauce to serve on the side. This recipe was developed for Stonyfield Organic. To see all of my Stonyfield yogurt recipes click here ....more

Cheesecake Milkshake Recipe

This Cheesecake Milkshake Recipe uses an easy cheese cake base that you cook quickly in the microwave. Then you blend it with ice cream, milk and a graham cracker for the crust flavor. It’s like a piece of New York-style cheesecake in a glass ....more

Grilled Chicken for a Crowd (The Easy Make-Ahead Way)

This Grilled Chicken Recipe is perfect for a crowd. The reason is that you bake it (low and slow!) ahead of time and then sauce it and chill it until your guests arrive. Then pop it on the grill to warm through and for grill marks ....more

Salad with Grilled Vegetables and BBQ Ranch Dressing

This salad with grilled vegetables has pieces of Mexican Frying Cheese and a Barbecue Ranch Dressing that tastes of summer....more

Kebabs with Apple and Sausage: Guest Post at DoughMessTic

Today I have a guest post over at Doughmesstic where I’m sharing my recipe for Kebabs with Apple and Sausage. Did you know that you can make kebabs with sausage? Maybe you did (aren’t you smart!) ....more

Grilled Pizza with Apples and Sausage

This grilled pizza has tons of flavor coming from grainy mustard, smoked cheddar, Italian sausage, Vidalia onions and Envy apples. This recipe is sponsored by Envy Apples. Scroll down to enter to win a giveaway of a big box of Envy apples sent right to your door and a $150 Visa Gift Card ....more

Homemade Berry Wine Cooler

This homemade berry wine cooler...more

Asian Oven-Baked Risotto

This Asian Risotto recipe is made in the oven. No need to stand at the stove stirring for 30 minutes, and yet you’d never know it. It’s just as creamy and delightful as the classic method ....more