All About Shampoo for Kids

People frequently ask me what shampoo for kids is best for their little ones....more

Kids Hairstyles: The Top Trends for 2013

Celebrity kids have become the authority on what’s cool in kids’ hairstyle trends, and this year it is no surprise that all the trendiest tots are emulating their equally stylish moms. Check out the top trends for 2013 as seen on Hollywood’s coolest mini celebs....more

3 Classic Haircuts for Girls

Time for her haircut but overwhelmed by all the choices? Trends come and go, but these three classic haircuts for girls have continued to withstand the test of time.1. The BobSome say the bob is back, I say it never left! With spring arriving, a bob is a cute cut that will keep heavy hair off her neck and back. And of course, the shorter the hair, the easier to style!...more

The Coolest Boys' Hairstyles of 2013

I write a lot of blogs about how to style girls’ hair, but guess what? Boys’ hair needs love, too!Boys are in my salons for haircuts twice as often as are girls, and I get a lot of questions from parents on how to keep their little guys’ locks looking good between haircuts. There are three boys’ hairstyles that are nearly always requested (in one variation or another):The Spikey LookThe SchoolboyThe SurferThese styles have been around for decades, but each year there’s a little twist that makes them look new....more

Best Hairstyles for Her Face Shape

A little known fact is that the shape of your face is one of the best ways to pick a hairstyle. This same philosophy applies to kids—although I’m sure your daughter will look adorable regardless! To make sure she’s sporting the most flattering haircut possible, you must first identify her face shape....more

Boys' Hairstyles Through the Decades

Something that surprises many people about my salons (Cozy’s Cuts for Kids in NYC), is that we see boys more often than girls. Yes, I blog a lot about girls, girls’ hairstyles, girls’ haircuts, and I even wrote a book about girls’ hair. But because boys need haircuts more often than girls, a steady stream of moms trailed by their shaggy sons is a daily occurrence at Cozy’s....more

Boys' Hairstyles: To Buzz or Not To Buzz

For many years, I wouldn’t let my boys buzz their hair—I thought it was too harsh and military-looking for young kids. Then I went to visiting day at camp one year and both my boys had buzz cuts…and to my surprise I actually loved it!...more