I love to collect ideas, and I love the simple things that make life so much fun!  It gives me pleasure to help those around me tap into their creative sides to make something beautiful or discover their passions.  It's easy to bring out the richness of this life which I've so graciously been gifted by Christ.  Brush the dust off of your creative side along with me!

How to Make A Vintage Stencil Sign

I inherited these great vintage yellow stencils from my husband's grandmother.  We helped her clean out her house and while everyone went for the china and furniture I went for the real treasures!!  Sewing notions, broken watches, old letters, vintage sheets, hankies and linens with a story. That's more my style, I love things with a history.  Anyway, back to the stencils.  They are a great mustard color and sturdy card stock....more
Very nice. I really love this idea. :)more