I love to collect ideas, and I love the simple things that make life so much fun!  It gives me pleasure to help those around me tap into their creative sides to make something beautiful or discover their passions.  It's easy to bring out the richness of this life which I've so graciously been gifted by Christ.  Brush the dust off of your creative side along with me!

Baby's First Halloween Mustache

[Editor's Note: Babies + mustaches = cute overload! Create Studio has an adorable paci mustache tutorial that started as a party favor, but makes the perfect Halloween costume.  Please someone dress their kid as a mini Burt Reynolds and send me the pictures. -Jen] ...more
Hilarious! You can find a full tutorial on

Knorr Four™ Recipe Contest

UPDATE 9/6: Meet the Knorr Four™ and enter to win a Knorr prize pack! ...more

Sarah from Create Studio 

Yummy Yummy ...more

Welcome to a Month of Ice Cream on BlogHer!

In July, summer settles in for the long haul. Hot days and warm nights beg for a sweet but cool treat, and that’s why we’re celebrating ice cream all month long. From rich and creamy custard-based ice cream to dairy-free options, we’ll bring you recipes and stories that are guaranteed to keep you blissfully chilled out. ...more

Sarah from Create Studio 

I just posted about ...more