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I am a lifestyle blogger; I write about log home living and decorating, along with recipes, cleaning tips, gardening and photography.

“The Cabin” in Country Woman Magazine

I’m excited to announce...more

Giant Silk Moth {Cyclops Polyphemus}

I went outside Saturday morning to take some instagram pics...more

Caught in the Act

I’ve been wondering why I have never seen a bird in my new DIY birdbath….well now I know why. While talking on the phone with my friend Claudia the other day I mentioned I hadn’t seen any birds bathing, she said it would take some time but once they found it they would continue to come back. Well I now see why there’s no birds ....more

Red, White, and Blue Sitting Area

Iv’e recovered from the graduation party and have everything back in order again. I’m happy to say my white slipcovers came through the ordeal without a stain or ice cream spill. When I swapped them over before the party I thought to myself….this may be a big mistake, but I did it anyway ....more

Daisy Table Makeover

We have had this iron table in our family for years and years. It seems to travel around from parents to cousins and aunt and uncles. Whoever is in need of a table at the moment gets it ....more

“Sweet” Graduation Party for Under $1 per Person

Yesterday was our youngest son Cody’s graduation party. As you all know I have been getting ready for weeks...more

July Felt Pattens

For those of you who are following along with...more

What I Feed My Knockout Roses

I finally got around to purchasing these easy to maintain Knockout Roses. They have been on my garden wish list for 3 years now, and just this year I found them for a great price with a rebate so into my cart they went. I’m not a big fan of roses in general but I like that this variety is low maintenance, they stay compact, and don’t have...more

50+ Patriot Ideas {Crafts, Recipes, Decor and More}

I can hardly believe we are closing in on July 4th, where has the time gone? It’s...more

Wild Daisies and Buffalo Check

I have a little sneak peek of what’s happening on the front porch today, if you follow me on...more