Kristy Crisler

I'm terrible at writing bios, a direct result of being bad at summarizing.  I can almost promise that my blog isn't as horrible as this bio.  Except when it isn't.  

All that to say: You should totally read our blog.  You're just going to have to trust me on this one.

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Eric Carle Flash Cards

I don't really talk about Stuff on here very much, as in, "Hey, try this amazing Stuff, it's totally amazing!" or "Get yourself to your local Stuff-Mart and buy as much of this Stuff as will fit into your cart!" However, I would feel remiss if I didn't let you know about the Best Flash Cards in the Entire World. That's right- flash cards. ...more

"Where? In a Trap? Well, Why Didn't You Say So!"

Yesterday (yeesteerdaay, all my troubles seemed so far away!)-Do you guys do that? ...more

The State of Our Backyard Address

Let's take a tour, hmm? Hyacinths that I just found today, and only vaguely remember planting. ...more

Down the Rabbit Hole

A couple days ago, I was talking to Adelaide, relating to her the following story:"So the other day I was on the front porch when I saw a lady and her dog walk by, and I thought what if, just what if I were an alien sent to earth on some kind of reconnaissance mission about the feasibility of invading this planet, and my first view of Earth's lifeforms was this lady walking her dog, but I'm an alien and I have no context for what this thing might be, so I think that what we know is the lady is the adult form of this planet's inhabitants, and what we know is the leash and the dog the alien instead assumes is some sort of umbilicus connecting the mother organism to her four-legged offspring, like, the dog is the larval or maybe pupal form of Earth's inhabitants, and the alien is so freaked out by this craziness that it reports back to its superiors that invasion is not recommended."Now, for the past, oh, say five or six years, this would have been the springboard for a fun if not slightly wacky conversation between my daughter and I, but on this particular day, the only response I got was, "Mommy....more

Once Upon a Time, There Was a List

The Liquid Fence appears to be working. ...more

A Newsy Kind of List

My baby sister had a baby yesterday. ...more

I'm Gonna Whimsy You To Death

My home will never grace the pages of a decorator magazine for many reasons, chief amongst them a lack of budget, awareness of trends, the fact that we have small children and therefore can't have not just nice...more

Book Reviews, Because I Love You

Yay, books!The Brutal Telling...more

A List

So. ...more