Jessica Nadel

Vegan mama to one sweet chickpea.  Wife to one sweet man.  Bakeshop owner.  Lover of cupcakes and kale.  Northern Ontario.


Hockey Pucks (aka Coconut Whip Frozen Sandwiches)

Midweek holidays are kind of great....more

Rhubarb Bliss Bars + 3 years of blogging

To say things have been busy around here is a bit of an understatement....more

Adzuki Brownie Bites

I am a girl who loves her beans....more

Vegan Baby: 18 Months

So this post a few weeks late, but I wanted to squeeze in Woodrow's 18 month well baby visit with our doctor so that I could get his official height and weight to share too.Woodrow`s growth is right where it should be in terms of percentiles with his height falling right about the 50th and weight about 65th....more

Quick Brussel Sprout & Chive Pizza

This past weekend I did something for the first time in many, many months....more

Fluffy Pineapple Chia Pancakes

I have been loving pancakes lately, and making them at least once a week....more

Tastymakes review + Giveaway!

I hope you had a fun and safe long weekend!...more

Almond Butter Noodles with Beans + Greens

The robins are out, the first bits of green have emerged from depths of my garden and my windows are flung open most days....more

Vegan baby: 17 months

We interrupt your steady feed of delicious Mexican food (psst, it's Cinco di Mayo!) to bring you photos of my growing little chickpea....more