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You know when you find yourself in the midst of your only break in the calendar for the foreseeable future and so you insist (perhaps overly so) you are just going to ENJOY IT DAMNIT? That is how we spent the long weekened. We scrapped plans to travel, we didn’t make plans with others and we just….marinated ....more

Big Apple Recap

I’m back from a 4 night work trip to New York City and since many of you shared suggestions of where to go and what to eat I thought I’d share some of the highlights. After my boss and I arrived on Saturday and got settled into the hotel, we headed out to dinner at Casellula in Hell’s Kitchen. This is a place that has been recommended to me over and over throughout the years but I’d never made it ....more

Five on Friday: Crazypants Edition

Well as you guys could tell, it has been a crazy few days in our household…and it isn’t letting up any time soon. Lets do it. (Note: the Five on Friday link up is taking a summer break so this is for awhile until it returns) 1 ....more

Sun Protection for the Neurotic

Thanks for indulging in my crazy. Good news: hot water heater is currently being installed and we pick the car up from the dealership today after replacing (again) the ignition. So moving on to something equally crazy: my sunscreen research obsession ....more

Our Pets Heads Are Falling Off*

*bonus points if you can name the movie Sorry for disappearing off the face of the blogosphere last week. With each passing day leaving us without the hot water heater being replaced I turned into a terribly irate, sticky person. To answer a few questions: - The HOA ordered a hot water heater to replace an ailing one ....more


When I was in college I rented an apartment with four of my closest girlfriends. We had the top floor of a ramshackle old New Orleans mansion that had seen better days but to us exuded charm and potential....more


For the first time in a long time the entire Daisy-B household was in-town and had no huge outside activitie for an entire weekend. This won’t happen for awhile again so we had to get while the getting was hot (so to speak) and we enjoyed the hell out of the weekend. Nothing of great importance- we didn’t solve world conflict or repaint the house or anything like that ....more

Ruminations with Zero Point

I was speaking with my manager yesterday and I mentioned that I feel like I’ve hit a lull at work. For the first time in a long time there isn’t a huge monumental change on the horizon (or at least not one that impacts my day to day) and it has left me feeling stagnant. I know that part of it is me- I need to stop and pay attention to where I am and what I’m doing now- and part of it is that I have hit a little bit of a plateau at work ....more


I took Gracie swimming yesterday. It was a chilly day (breeze coming in from the North) and Chicago’s park district outdoor pools don’t open until mid-June anyway, but I found an indoor pool that was open on Sunday. I packed the pool bag, said a little “thank you” that I wouldn’t have to deal with sunscreen and put on my most alluring one-piece ....more

Five on Friday: Girls Flying Solo

B started sailing many, many years ago (he grew up in Detroit on the water, he was intrigued by a small neighborhood sailing club) and it is a hobby that he has been really lucky to be able to continue through law school and adulthood. Sometimes I hesitate to write about it- could anything sound more yuppy or WASPy- but it is a pretty cool extracurricular if you ask me. During the height of sailing season he is gone for many Saturdays ....more