Are You A Leader?

Most of us have a clear image of a leader. Strong. Smart. Confident. “In Charge of insert-something-important-usually-having-to-do-with-power-or-money-here”....more

Planning On Inefficiency

I recently - accidentally - launched a new web site. I didn't mean to, really. It just happened because what I'd planned to do next year was just less costly to do now. So now I have an imperfect web site (because it went up without much/any planning) and customers are actually using it....more

Success is Messy

Buddhists and psychologists alike tell us that non-attachment to outcomes is the key to success....more

Authenticity is Your Ticket To the Top

I'm proud to share that I just had a major Op Ed piece posted to The Glass Hammer - a preeminent professional woman's blog. Here's a short summary and I encourage you to read the full article on The Glass Hammer for the executive coaching advice at the end....more

5 Ways to Advance Amid Dysfunction

Old boss - mentoring and advancement opportunities. New boss - frustration, competition, neglect, stupidity and powerlessness.What's your strategy for getting ahead now?...more

The Ironies of Failure

If we’ve read one “fail fast” article lately, we’ve read a million. Failure is an option!...more

How A Female Exec Found Success a Sticky Situation

Meg and I were lunching, as we often do, and I was being a good ear - only putting my executive coaching hat on occasionally for an old friend. The young company she’d joined a few years ago – that had allowed her to break the glass ceiling into the inner executive ranks – had just been acquired. I was expecting to hear about the long awaited cash out. ...more

5 Leadership Lessons From The Worst Bosses I’ve Ever Had

I recently read a fabulous post by Steve Tobak on BNET with tons of great management advice based on his personal experience....more

An Open Letter To Bully Bosses: Steve Jobs’ Greatest Failure Should Be Your Greatest Success

Yes, Steve Jobs changed the world. He was brilliant, fearless, courageous and undeniably successful by all measures but one. See these HBR laudatory reviews? I agree with them all....more

Solopreneurship – 3 Oxymoronic Ways to Climb The Corporate Ladder

What does it mean to be IN power when you’re working for yourself?...more