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Danielle LaPorte is the outspoken author of the forthcoming book The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful + Practical Guide for Creating Success on Your Own Terms (from Random House/Crown). A business strategist and inspirational speaker, she’s the creator of The Spark Kit: A Digital Experience for Entrepreneurs and co-author of Your Big Beautiful Book Plan. To date, over a million readers have visited DanielleLaPorte.com, lauded as "the best place on-line for kick-ass spirituality."


Danielle has been featured in Elle, Body + Soul, Vogue Australia, Better Homes & Gardens, Globe & Mail, The National Post, The Huffington Post, Entertainment Tonight, USAToday and BusinessWeek.com. She was a news show commentator for CBC, and is a former director of a Washington-DC think tank, where she managed a team of analysts studying global trends for the likes of the Pentagon and the World Bank.


A list of "Top 10 Blogs by Women That Might Change Your Life," describes Danielle LaPorte like this:


"She’s confidently contrarian, feminine, decisive, and creative. She combines spirituality with sound business principles. She has an e-program, a line of chic, minimalist notecards, and gives coaching sessions at id="mce_marker"000 a pop. She’s been listed, ranked and quoted. At the core of her success is her ability to write. She writes beautifully, lustfully, and poignantly and is quite possibly the most talented and insightful writer publishing on the web. If you haven’t experienced www.daniellelaporte.com, you are missing the best of the web."


Based in Vancouver, BC, you can find her on Facebook and on Twitter @daniellelaporte

unfetter your happiness (you know you want to)

How are things?  Good. Yeah, good. Fine. Things are fine. Let me ask that question again: How are things?...more

take the style self-exam

I once worked with a branding client who had a closet full of clothes fit for a hooker. Purple animal prints, a sequin skirt (with the price tag still on it,) lacey, itty-bitty things. Yet, she told me that her ideal outfit was a crisp white shirt, straight-legged jeans and a single strand of pearls. "I could wear that everyday," she pined. "You know, Jackie O with a twist." Uh–huh....more

giving compliments, world peace, and the warm fuzzies

   I want to start a Compliment Revolution. There are a few revolutions I'd like to ignite, actually, but this one is super easy. If you're with me {go ahead, shout it now, "I'm with you!",} I think we could change the world this very week. So I'm declaring this the week of Global of Compliments. Someone call Hallmark and the Nobel Peace Prize committee. HOW TO GIVE A COMPLIMENT...more

how can I help?

That uncomfortable silence after a friend has told you his bad news or a rant of how overwhelmed she is. Break ups and broken arms and melt downs. Even for our best friends we don't always know what to say or do to make it better. We fumble to fill the space with salving words, or sometimes worse, with solutions. When really, all we need to do is ask: How can I help? This phrase works for tragedies and boo boos and bad days. It quells panic. It can create urgency or buy time. It's effective with strangers and lovers. Everyone understands it....more

what is your relationship to…life?

I'm not sure there is a bigger question than this. It bears repeating: what…is…your relationship to life? I was in Kauai in the fall and read Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth between beaches. And this question of his became my walking, rambling, meditation. "What is my relationship...to LIFE?!" Daunting. Spectacular. Galvanizing. Perhaps my favourite question of all time....more

hot advice for anyone with a website, blog, business, career or j-o-b. yep, I’m talkin’ to you

I've worked with a few dozen Fire Starter clients in the past few weeks on career optimizing, transitioning, start ups, reinventions, product ideas, social media strategies and balancing it all without burning it out. {And I adore each and everyone of you. I'm thinking about you all right this minute and smiling hugely, because it takes kahunas to show up in the world and sell your soul with integrity, and to turn love into fat cash and ideas into fulfillment. Keep on moving.}...more

I work from home with a company that manufactures products that we’re already ...more

what would love do?

  We crave it. We die for it. We try to pay for it. We aspire, we mire, we miss the mark. In the unending, coiling, incessant pursuit of being right and good enough to find love and get love and give love, we forget about the very nature of love itself....more

love sucks, but you can't beat it

WARNING: if you're a hopeless romantic, searching for Prince Charming or Miss Marvelous, you better leave now. Because I'm about steamroll any Disney-drenched happily-ever-after scenarios. I'm starting my engine. Go now while your ideals are still in tact. You can get yourself some Danielle Steel on Kindle. ...more

how to be depressed

"Depression was, indeed, the hand of a friend trying to press me down to the ground on which it was safe to stand--the ground of my own truth, my own nature with its complex mix of limits and gifts, liabilities and assets, darkness and light." - Parker Palmer, Let Your Life Speak ...more

what’s your relationship to sleep?

I've subscribed for years to this occasional email from Dadi Jahnki. She's the current leader of the Brahma Kumaris spiritual organization. I loved last week's message from her:   Dear Friend, ...more